The only luxury razor you want.

Skin that makes even Mermaids jealous. And Poseidon.

The Magic of Dear Ocean

  • Influenced by the Ocean

    The ocean-inspired design is truly unique, featuring a range of lovely details that will catch the eye of anyone who values both luxury and the beauty of our oceans. With its sun-golden and a unique seashell design, it's sure to make a statement in any bathroom.

  • Pure Luxury

    From the moment you hold it in your hand, you'll feel the quality and attention that is sure to elevate your shaving routine. The heavy and solid feel makes sure to treat your inner mermaid right. We don't settle for anything less than pure luxury when it comes to your skin.

  • Eco friendly Packaging

    At the heart of our product is a commitment to sustainibility. That's why've gone the extra mile to ensure that our razor is not only made with eco-friendly materials, but also comes with packaging that is 100% biodegredable.

  • Made in Germany

    Crafted with precision and care by expert traditional artisans, this razor combines the finest materials with advanced German engineering to deliver a shave that is both effortless and precise.

  • Forever Razor

    Our razor offers a shaving experience with atmosphere and it is also built to last. Made with the highest quality materials, this razor will be a cherished addition to your shaving routine for years to come.

  • Happy Skin

    Our razor is designed to provide a smooth, effortless shave while also minimizing irritation and razor burn. Unlike disposable razors, our Dear Ocean Razor features a single, high-quality blade that glides smoothly over your skin.

  • Sunny Coconut Anklet

  • Get ready for Summer!

  • Secret Beach Anklet


The Dear Ocean Razor is a single blade Safety Razor.

  • No clogging. Less likely to clog than multi blade razors. You get a more efficent and smoother shaving experience with less irritaition.
  • Sharper blade for your closest shave yet.
  • No extra pressure needed. Our Razor is heavier than typical razors so you don´t need to apply as much pressure to cut your hair. Let your razor do the work for you!
  • Balanced Design. More balanced than even Poseidons trident for better control and precision during your shave.
  • Easy handling. Use both sides of your razor head to get a more even and smooth shave without having to switch hands.
  • Better grip. Thanks to the embedded seahsell grooves, it provides you with a better grip and prevents the razor from slipping.

Skin Like Forever Summer

Made for sensitive Mermaid skin so they can have a good time all day long.

  • Reduced irritation. The single sharp blade glides over your skin without tugging or pulling leading to less irritation and razor burn.
  • Gentle exfoliation. As the blade removes the hair, it also helps to exfoliate the skin, remoiving dead skin cells and leaving the skin feeling smoother and softer.
  • No or less ingrown hair. Our razor helps to reduce ingrown hairs because it doesn´t pull the hair or cut it too close to the skin, which can cause hair to curl and grow back into the skin.

Magical Ocean Design

The idea for the design was to create a razor that evokes a sense of freedom and beauty found in the ocean. With every stroke, it transforms the boring routine of shaving into a luxurious experience for body and mind.

  • Seashells are the inspiration for our handle. Perfect, seamingless lines for better grip and control.
  • The Sun; the elegant gold plating of the razor brings the warmth and glow of the sun to your bathroom everytime you shave.
  • The Sand Dollar highlights the head of the handle. The sand dollar is a reminder of the natural beauty of the ocean and coastal living. In some cultures it is a symbol for good luck, peace, renewal and transformation. Myths also tell, that the Sand Dollar is considered the currency for mermaids and the people of Atlantis. Have you ever heard of 'Sand Dollar Doves'?

Dear Ocean, we love you.

  • Less waste: Our razor is designed to last for a life time and can be used over and over again. Compared to disposable razors or razors with replaceable heads, they produce significantly less waste.
  • No plastic parts: The Dear Ocean Razor is made of metal only and has no plastic parts that can pollute the environment.
  • Recyclable: If you do need to replace the razor, you can recycle the metal to ensure it doesn't end up in the landfill and eventually in the ocean.
  • Sustainable: By using the Dear Ocean Safety Razor, you reduce the need for new razors, which helps relieve the burden on our environment.
  • Plastic free packaging. When it comes to shipping our products, using sustainable and eco- friendliy options is an important step in reducing envionmental impact. All packaging is plastic free.


"We chose to invest more in production to create a favourite piece that you will love every time, instead of settling for a cheaper and standard product."

-Dear Ocean

Shine Like A Summer Full Of Magic

The warmth of the sun on your skin, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, and the scent of salt in the air all contribute to the feeling of an endless summer. It is a time of exploration and adventure, of lazy afternoons spent lounging on the beach, and of long evenings filled with laughter and good company.

An endless summer is a time when worries seem to disappear, and life feels simple and uncomplicated. It is a time when anything seems possible, and dreams feel within reach. It is a feeling of being fully alive, and of embracing all that life has to offer.

Yes, that´s exactly what Dear Ocean aims to achieve with our products! Our sustainable producs - yes there will be more- are not only good for the environmet and your skin but also help to evoke that feeling of an everlasting summer. We want our customers to feel like they´re on a relaxed and carefree beach vacation every time they use our products.

Mermaids are known for their love of treasures, and the Dear Ocean Safety Razor is the perfect first step into this magical world. Your own personal treasure that you will love every single time you use it.


The Brand

  • Eco-Lifestyle Brand

    Just like mermaids, we believe in the importance of taking care of our environment and preserving its treasures for future generations. For us saving the oceans and marine life is the most fun lifestyle.

    Dear Ocean is a small startup based in Germany. We believe that our size gives us the advantage of being able to closely connect with our customers and community, while also allowing us to be agile and innovative.

    By supporting Dear Ocean, you're not only investing in yourself but also in a small business that's committed to making a positive impact in the world. We're grateful for every customer who joins us on this journey and helps us grow and thrive.

  • We love all things Beauty.

    At Dear Ocean, we see beauty in everything, from the intricate patterns on a seashell to the way the sunlight dances on the waves. We believe that beauty comes in many forms and colors. We´re dedictated to celebrating that diversity through our products.

    With Dear Ocean, our customers can feel like they are a part of something special and magical. And who knows, maybe our products will inspire more people to become mermaids and mermen of the ocean themselves.

  • Vacation Forever

    The spirit behind Dear Ocean is to evoke a feeling of endless summer vibes, connecting you to the ocean and the beach. Our products are crafted to be a treat for the senses, providing you a sense of relaxation and well-being. The lightness and freedom you feel while swimming in the ocean or sunbathing on the beach is embodied by our brand.

    For us, self-love is the key to a happy life. The products are designed to help you and everyone who uses them to spoil themselves and celebrate your beauty and uniqueness! Dear Ocean is a symbol of self-love and acceptance, giving you the feeling that you are beautiful and valuable just the way you are!

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On our misson to keep our oceans clean we are not alone. Together with our partner we want to make the world a more sustainable and greener place. For more awesome information and beach clean - up dates go to :